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ISSRE 2004
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For our US participants, we recognize that the dates for ISSRE 2004 overlap the national elections that will be held November 2nd. We remind you that you can vote with an "absentee ballot." Also, some localities have early balloting. We encourage you to contact your local Board of Elections on the procedures for submitting "Absentee Ballots" or voting early so you can participate in ISSRE.

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Please contact Myriam David with any questions.


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ISSRE focuses on the theory and practice of Software Reliability Engineering. The conference scope includes techniques and practices to (1) verify and validate software, (2) estimate and predict its dependability, and (3) make it more tolerant/robust to faults. Over the years, the conference has grown steadily attracting about 200 participants on a regular basis. The conference is big enough to represent all the key topics in software reliability engineering, but small enough to provide an in-depth representation of theory or practice in these areas. Industry participation has also increased over time, leading to a healthy mixture of theory and practice. This year's theme is on the use of model-driven software development and its implications on software dependability.

ISSRE 2004 will be held in Rennes (Nov. 2) and Saint-Malo (Nov. 3-5). Both towns are medieval cities. Saint-Malo is a corsair (a corsair is a kind of official "pirate," hired by the king) city located on the north coast of Brittany, close to the Mont Saint-Michel and to Rennes. Every street corner, every shore recalls the city's legendary past, along the innumerable walks and seafront promenades. Close to Saint-Malo, the Mont Saint-Michel is one of Brittany's best-known attractions.

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Recent Updates

October 21, 2004... The WOSA Workshop on November 2 has been cancelled.

October 18, 2004... The program for November 4th has been updated and the MoDeVa workshop program has been added.

October 12, 2004... Some new information has been added to the regsitration page: A spouse program will be available on Wednesday afternoon if at least 18 persons request it. It consists of a guided visit of Saint Malo (its mysteries and corsair secrets) and will cost ~€10. Please indicate in the registration page if you (and how many persons) are interested in the spouse program.

September 20, 2004... Lots of important information has been added. Firstly, the registration page is available (please contact contact Myriam David with any questions). A useful lodging document [PDF] has been added and the Program has been significantly updated. Continue to watch this space for any further updates.

August 27, 2004... The initial program has been posted.

July 20, 2004... An updated sponors list is available on the organizers page and more information about lodging has been added to the venue page.

July 12, 2004... The Fast Abstract deadline has been moved to July 24, 2004.

July 1, 2004... The Industry Practice abstract deadline has been moved from today to July 12, 2004.

June 29, 2004... You can now submit papers for the WOSA workshop.

June 28, 2004... WOSA workshop information has been posted.

June 2, 2004... The SIVOES - MoDeVA workshop dates have been updated.

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